Function HistogramCreate(histogram\_id[, integer\_histogram][, sample\_buffer\_size])


The function HistogramCreate sets up a new histogram. The created histogram does not yet contain any observations. These observations must be added later using the function HistogramAddObservation or HistogramAddObservations.

     histogram_id,           ! (output) a scalar parameter
     [integer_histogram,]    ! (optional) 0 or 1
     [sample_buffer_size]    ! (optional) a positive integer value



On return, this argument will contain a unique identification number, that is used to refer to the created histogram in other functions.

integer_histogram (optional)

A logical indicator that specifies whether the observations will be integer-valued. Default is 0 (not integer).

sample_buffer_size (optional)

The sample buffer size used in the histogram. If omitted, a default buffer size of 512 is used.

Return Value

The function returns 1 if the histogram is created successfully, or 0 otherwise.

See also

The functions HistogramDelete, HistogramAddObservation, HistogramAddObservations. Histogram support in AIMMS is discussed in full detail in Creating Histograms of the Language Reference.