Procedure GMP::ProgressWindow::Transfer(Category, solverSession)


The procedure GMP::ProgressWindow::Transfer transfers a progress category that was created for a solver session to another solver session. This procedure allows you to share a progress category among several solver sessions.

     Category,         ! (input) a progress category
     solverSession     ! (input) a solver session



An element in the set AllProgressCategories.


An element in the set AllSolverSessions.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success, or 0 otherwise.


  • The Category should have been created with the function GMP::SolverSession::CreateProgressCategory.

  • The solverSession argument specifies the solver session to which the progress category should be transfered.


In the example below we create two GMPs and for each GMP a solver session. Next we create a progress category for the first solver session. After executing the first solver session we transfer the progress category to the second solver session. By transfering the progress category we ensure that both solver sessions use the same area in the progress window.

myGMP1 := GMP::Instance::Generated( MP1 );
session1 := GMP::Instance::CreateSolverSession( myGMP1 );

myGMP2 := GMP::Instance::Generated( MP2 );
session2 := GMP::Instance::CreateSolverSession( myGMP2 );

pc := GMP::SolverSession::CreateProgressCategory( session1 );

GMP::SolverSession::Execute( session1 );

GMP::ProgressWindow::Transfer( pc, session2 );

GMP::SolverSession::Execute( session2 );