Procedure SecurityGetUsers(user\_set[, group][, level])


With the procedure SecurityGetUsers you can fill a set with user names from the user database that is linked to the project. You can filter which users are included in the set based upon their group or authorization level.

     user_set,       ! (output) an (empty) root set
     [group,]        ! (optional) scalar string
     [level]         ! (optional) element of the set AllAuthorizationLevels



A root set, that on return will contain elements that represent the user names from the user database.

group (optional)

A string representing a group name from the user database. If specified, then only the users that belong to this group are returned.

level (optional)

An element of the set AllAuthorizationLevels. If specified, then only the users that have the specified authorization level are returned.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success, and 0 on failure.

See also

The procedure SecurityGetGroups.