Function GMP::SolverSession::GetCandidateObjective(solverSession)


The function GMP::SolverSession::GetCandidateObjective returns the objective value of a candidate solution during MIP optimization from within a candidate or lazy constraint callback.

     solverSession     ! (input) a solver session



An element in the set AllSolverSessions.

Return Value

In case of success, the objective value at the current node. Otherwise it returns UNDF.


  • This function has only meaning for solver sessions belonging to a GMP with type MIP, MIQP or MIQCP.

  • This function can only be used inside a candidate or lazy constraint callback.

  • The procedure GMP::Solution::RetrieveFromSolverSession can be used to retrieve a candidate solution inside a candidate or lazy constraint callback.

  • This function is only supported by CPLEX and Gurobi. Please note that the candidate callback is not supported by Gurobi.