Set CurrentSolver


The predefined element parameter CurrentSolver contains, for every mathematical programming type, the name of the solver that AIMMS will currently use to solve models of that type.

ElementParameter CurrentSolver {
    IndexDomain  :  IndexMathematicalProgrammingTypes;
    Range        :  AllSolvers;


The contents of the element parameter CurrentSolver are, for all types of mathematical programs, the names of the currently active solver for solving mathematical programs of each type, as set through the Solver Configuration dialog box.


The value of CurrentSolver can also be modified programmatically from within an AIMMS model, and then determines the solver that will be used to solve subsequent problems of the specified type. Modifying the values of CurrentSolver will, however, not modify the (default) settings in the Solver Configuration dialog box, that will be loaded at startup.


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