Procedure Spreadsheet::SetUpdateLinksBehavior(UpdateLinksBehavior)


This procedure specifies how Excel or OpenOffice Calc workbooks containing links to other workbooks should be opened. In the Excel case, such links can be either links to external workbooks or to remote workbooks. In the Calc case, this distinction is not made. If you do not call this procedure before using an Excel workbook containing links, you are prompted whether you want the links to be updated or not. In the OpenOffice case, you will get the default behavior as specified in the update setting\(^*\), if no Calc dialogs are required. This procedure is designed to give the AIMMS user control over the Excel and Calc behavior regarding links.

        UpdateLinksBehavior  ! (input) scalar integer expression



A scalar expression that sets the behavior of Excel or Calc when a workbook is opened. Possible values are:

  • 0: (Excel) Excel prompts the user (the Excel default behavior).

  • 1: (Excel) Do not update any links.

  • 2: (Excel) Only update external links.

  • 3: (Excel) Only update remote links

  • 4: (Excel) Update both external and remote links

  • 5: (Calc) Do not update any links.

  • 6: (Calc) If the update setting in Calc\(^*\) is ‘Always’, all links are updated. Otherwise, no links are updated (the Calc default behavior).

  • 7: (Calc) Always update the links.

Argument values 0 to 4 are for Excel workbooks, values 5 to 7 are for OpenOffice Calc workbooks. \(^*\) This setting is called Update links when opening and can be found in the Calc menu, under Tools - Options - Calc - General.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success, or 0 otherwise. In case of an error the pre-defined AIMMS parameter CurrentErrorMessage contains a description of what went wrong.


  • When the procedure is called, the setting remains valid for all consequent workbooks that will be opened, until the procedure is called again with a different setting.

  • In case you use both Excel and Calc workbooks with links in your AIMMS application, you should call this function twice: once with an argument to control the Excel behavior, and once with an argument to control the Calc behavior. The setting of the first call will be remembered when you do the second call. For example: first call Spreadsheet::SetUpdateLinksBehavior(1), to specify that Excel workbooks should not update their links, and then call Spreadsheet::SetUpdateLinksBehavior(7), to specify that Calc workbooks should always update their links upon opening.

  • Upto AIMMS 3.11 this function was known as ExcelSetUpdateLinksBehavior, which has become deprecated as of AIMMS 3.12.