Procedure OptionGetKeywords(OptionName, Keywords)


With the procedure OptionGetKeywords you can obtain set of string keywords, as displayed in the AIMMS Options dialog box, that correspond to the numerical (integer) values of an option.

     OptionName,          ! (input) scalar string expression
     Keywords             ! (output) a 1-dimensional string parameter



A string expression holding the name of the option.


A 1-dimensional string parameter that, on return, contains the keywords corresponding to the set of possible (integer) option values.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 if the option exists, and 0 if the OptionName refers to a non-existent option or if the domain set of the 1-dimensional string parameter is too small.


The domain set of the 1-dimensional parameter passed as the Keywords argument must have sufficient elements to hold the string keywords of the (integer) option values from the lower bound up to and including the upper bound.