Set ASCIICharacterEncodings


The predefined set ASCIICharacterEncodings contains the names of ASCII character encodings. Here an ASCII character encoding is an encoding whereby code point 33 thru 126 are the same as the US-ASCII encoding.

Set ASCIICharacterEncodings {
    SubsetOf   :  AllCharacterEncodings;
    Index      :  IndexAvailableCharacterEncodings;


The contents of the set ASCIICharacterEncodings is the collection of ASCII character encodings.


The contents of the set can not be modified and is determined at AIMMS startup.

See also

  • Paragraph Text files in the preliminaries of the language reference 18.

  • The encoding attribute of files, see 496.

  • The set of all character encodings known to AIMMS: AllCharacterEncodings.