Procedure LoadDatabaseStructure(Datasource)


The AIMMS Read ...From Table ... and Write ...To Table ... statements offer a very flexible way to connect to data tables stored in an ODBC compliant database. The AIMMS execution engine queries the structure of the corresponding database tables in order to check whether the connection between the table in the database and the AIMMS identifiers can be set up in a valid way, and, if so, how to handle the statements efficiently. Retrieving structural information may cost a significant amount of time, depending on the number of tables, the quality of the network and the quality of the ODBC database driver implementation in providing this information. Although AIMMS already buffers this information for each table after first use, retrieving this information anew each AIMMS run might still be prohibitively expensive in some cases. Therefore, AIMMS offers intrinsic database functions to empower the app developer with caching this information outside AIMMS. With the procedure LoadDatabaseStructure you can load the cached database table structure information.

     Filename          ! (input) a string expression



A string containing the name of the file containing the database table structure information.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 if the database table structure information is successfully loaded, or 0 otherwise.

See also

The procedure SaveDatabaseStructure