Procedure Spreadsheet::SetActiveSheet(Workbook, Name)


The procedure Spreadsheet::SetActiveSheet sets the active sheet for the given Excel or OpenOffice Calc workbook.

        Workbook,       ! (input) scalar string expression
        Name            ! (input) scalar string expression



A scalar string expression representing the Excel or Calc workbook. If this argument ends in .ods, OpenOffice Calc is used. Otherwise, Excel is


A scalar string expression representing the sheet to be selected as the active sheet.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success, or 0 otherwise. In case of an error the pre-defined AIMMS parameter CurrentErrorMessage contains a description of what went wrong.


  • By calling this procedure explicitly before other procedures, the optional sheet argument can be omitted in those procedures.

  • A call to another procedure with a specified sheet argument does not change the active sheet, except when the workbook does not have an active sheet yet.

  • Upto AIMMS 3.11 this function was known as ExcelSetActiveSheet, which has become deprecated as of AIMMS 3.12.