Procedure CaseDialogSelectMultiple(selectedCaseFiles)


The procedure CaseDialogSelectMultiple shows a case file selection dialog box in which you can select multiple case files. The result is a subset of AllCases that can be used in multiple case views, or in execution statements with the case dot notation.

    selectedCaseFiles     ! (input/output) a subset of AllCases



A subset of AllCases. On entry, this subset is used to initalize the selection in the dialog box. On return, it contains the subset that has been selected by the user.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 if the user selected a set of case files, and 0 if the user cancelled the dialog box.


  • This function is only applicable if the project option Data_Management_style is set to Disk_files_and_folders.

  • This function returns 0 if the IDE is not loaded, for example when running the component version of AIMMS, or when running with the command line option --as-server.

  • You can use any subset of AllCases as an argument to this function, but if you want to use it for a multiple case view in one of your pages, you should use the predefined set CurrentCaseSelection.

  • If the subset should have the selected cases in the order as specified in the dialog, you must make sure that the given subset has the attribute Order by set to user.

See also

The procedure CaseFileURLtoElement, the string parameter CaseFileURL and the set AllCases.