MultiSolve Library

To reduce the overall time for solving a multitude of mathematical program instances, you may want to use the multiSolve library. In so doing

  1. the multiSolve library makes effective use of the logical processors on your machine, and

  2. the multiSolve library makes a clear separation between the logic to:

    1. handle the parallelizing of solving mathematical programs, and

    2. the business logic of

      1. obtaining the data for the mathematical program and re-instantiate, and

      2. using the solutions of those mathematical programs.

The documentation of this library first acquints you with the library architecture via a Hello world example. Next, the two provide modes explain the two modes to provide a GMP; one to make use of the library with minimal effort, the other to get the most out of the library. At that point, you probably want to assess whether the multiSolve library is of use to your project. Finally, as we all know, solving an Operations Research problem may require multiple solve steps.

Of course the library documentation would not be complete without the appendices: functional description (API), references, and release notes.