AIMMS Outer Approximation (AOA)

AOA is a Default AIMMS Solver, available in every AIMMS system.

AOA for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming

The AIMMS Outer Approximation (AOA) module uses an outer approximation algorithm to solve Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming (MINLP) problems. Outer approximation is a well-known basic approach to solve MINLP problems. The underlying algorithm is an interplay between two solvers, namely one for solving mixed-integer linear problems and one for solving nonlinear problems.

AOA uses the system module GMPOuterApproximation. This module contains a standard outer approximation algorithm that is written in the AIMMS modeling language. The user can customize the individual algorithmic steps in order to achieve such goals as:

  • obtaining better performance,

  • obtaining a better solution,

  • storing multiple integer solutions found by the algorithm,

  • being able to use different solvers NLP/MIP solvers during the algorithm in order to increase the chance to obtain feasible solutions, or even

  • being able to modify the submodels in a problem-specific manner in between algorithm steps.

For a full description of the outer approximation algorithm implemented in AIMMS see AIMMS Outer Approximation Algorithm for MINLP.

GMP Library

AOA has been implemented by using routines from the GMP library. The AOA algorithm can be further customized using all available functionality in the GMP library, e.g. to modify the MIP master problem, or add problem-specific constraints.

The AOA module also contains an outer approximation algorithm based on the approach of Quesada & Grossman (1992). This approach uses the branch-and-cut algorithm of CPLEX or GUROBI in combination with outer approximation, and often solves convex models with binary variables much faster than other algorithms.