Release Notes

The first public release of HTTPClient was version, release date December 13, 2017.

New Features and Bug Fixes [09-10-2020]
  • New code base [05-10-2020]
  • Fix chunked encoding issue

  • Fix url percent encoding bug [30-09-2020]
  • Major rewrite of implementation

  • Improved error and warning messages [25-09-2019]
  • Fixed an issue with parsing chunked HTTP responses that did not close the connection

  • Added web::request_generate_curl method [23-09-2019]
  • Fixed an issue with POST-ing bodies bigger than 1 MB in size [30-07-2019]
  • Fixed an issue with parsing (invalid) HTTP responses from servers that do not include the status text in the status line [22-07-2019]
  • Fixed an issue with retrieving long string values (>255 characters) from AIMMS identifiers [14-05-2019]
  • Added support for release notes [31-01-2019]
  • Fixed numbering issue in library repository [08-11-2018]
  • Fixed the way path and host headers were generated in HTTP request [02-10-2018]
  • Fixed an issue with chunked decoding [20-09-2018]
  • Added support for VC2017 [12-07-2018]
  • Added Content-Type to the HttpHeader set

  • Added Content-Length header to request when an input file is specified

  • Fixed issue with not writing received data to files [31-05-2018]
  • Allowed access to response headers

  • Do not implicitly close request after invoke

  • Allowed re-use of request by reading response also when discarded [06-04-2018]
  • Added support for chunked HTTP transfer encoding [26-03-2018]
  • Added clientOptions to library interface [09-02-2018]
  • Added requestTimeout to the web download file example [13-12-2017]
  • Initial public release of HTTPClient library