BARON Solver for Global Optimization

The BARON solver (Branch-And-Reduce Optimization Navigator) is a global optimization (GO) solver: it is a computational system for solving non-convex optimization problems to global optimality. Purely continuous, purely integer, and mixed-integer nonlinear problems can be solved with the software.

The Branch And Reduce Optimization Navigator derives its name from its combining constraint propagation, interval analysis, and duality in its reduce arsenal with enhanced branch and bound concepts as it winds its way through the hills and valleys of complex optimization problems in search of global solutions.

BARON can be used to find the k-best solutions. BARON can also handle mixed integer programming problems.


BARON guarantees to provide global optima under fairly general assumptions, but cannot handle constraints containing a goniometric function, an if-then-else statement or a reference to an external function. BARON requires that all nonlinear variables and expressions in the mathematical program are bounded from below and above.


BARON is developed and supported by The Optimization Firm, LLC. Parts of the BARON Software were created at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

BARON Supported Versions

AIMMS supports BARON 21 (Windows 64-bit only).

Academic users

The Free Academic License does not contain a BARON license. A special academic BARON license is available within the paid academic program.