DEX Troubleshooting

Here you will find explanations and tips on how errors and warnings that may occur.

Errors and Warnings

ReadFromFile: String length <0000> exceeds maximum of 1024 in CSV file <’fileName.csv’>, data row <’rowNumber’>, column <’commentName’>

Use the max-string-size attribute to make string length of this identifier bigger. Example: “<ColumnMapping name=”comment_text” max-string-size=”3000” maps-to=”sp_commenttext(i_id)”/>”.

The maps-to attribute ‘x’ for node ‘y’ refers to an non-existing identifier

In this case it is helpful to check if you have written the “maps-to” element correctly, including a possible index.

The dimension of the maps-to attribute x for node y does not coincide with the specified numbers of indices

In this case the most probable cause is that the element is referring to an AIMMS-identifier that should have at least one index defined but where no index can be found (like for an indexed parameter), where the index is not properly named in the mappingfile or where more indices are expected than defined (or the other way around).

ReadFromStream: <i_subset>: ERROR: No (active) element with name <elementValue> in set (error 136)

In this case, check if you are trying to read data to a master set, and then for a subset of the master set. If you are, please after the read of the master set, add a update function to the subsets.

Warning: The ‘queryMap’ argument has a dimension mismatch. This will be treated as an error in a future AIMMS versions. Perhaps the argument should be declared as a Handle.

Update DEX version on Library Manager by re-adding the library.