Release Notes

The first public release of DataLink was version, release date January 16, 2018.

New Features and Bug Fixes [14-05-2019]
  • Added support for release notes [01-04-2019]
  • Adapted DataLink for RLink 1.1 [06-03-2019]
  • Support for new data map with possibility of column-header transformations
  • Added support for Unicode paths in provider names [11-02-2019]
  • Matched version of libxl being used to that used in AimmsXLLibrary to prevent errors when using both libraries
  • Fixed an error where data of element parameters was not read correctly
  • Fixed an error where empty cells in an Excel spreadsheet lead to copying last read value
  • Incorrect mapping could lead to datalink crash
  • DataLink could crash on an Excel sheet with row headers but no actual data [16-01-2018]
  • Initial public release of the DataLink library

Last Updated: October, 2019