AIMMSUnitTest Library Release Notes

The first public release of AIMMSUnitTest was version, release date December 13, 2017

New Features and Bug Fixes [11-08-2022]
  • No change (internal) [09-07-2022]
  • No change (internal: prepare for new build system) [12-10-2021]
  • Cloned data sets could not contain identifiers from libraries and modules.

  • Variables can now be part of cloned data sets.

  • This release does no longer support 32-bit Windows

  • This release requires AIMMS versions >= 4.79, because of its dependency on the RequiredUnits attribute [06-05-2021]
  • Element parameter comparisons could fail if one parameter contained an inactive element for some tuple while the other parameter contained no data for the same tuple [30-03-2021]
  • Allow test to continue on failed assertion.

  • Print location per exception/assertion. [08-02-2021]
  • Reduce memory requirements by using smaller data transfer buffers

  • Allow 8KB scalar strings, 2KB strings for 1-dimensional parameters and 1KB strings for 2+-dimensional string parameters to be transferred from/to cloned datasets. [08-10-2020]
  • Added source location for failing tests in AimmsUnit.xml

  • Added support for testing specific error message in case of an expected runtime error [28-09-2020]
  • Improved reporting of differences when comparing identifiers [21-07-2020]
  • Upgraded internal library due to performance issue [23-04-2020]
  • Added support for cloning and comparing cloned datasets

  • Adapted for python 3 compatibility [23-05-2019]
  • Added capability to duplicate existing test suite to allow for testing multiple scenarios of the same test suite

  • Added capability to use different names for results files

  • Added capability to merge results stored in a results file into the current results [16-05-2019] [14-05-2019]
  • Added support for release notes [28-04-2018]
  • Added NoSave option to library to prevent loading cases from destroying internal state of AIMMSUnitTest library [13-09-2018]
  • Added support for VC2017 [01-08-2018]
  • Used improved annotation support of AIMMS [04-07-2018]
  • Testrunner did not return any value [01-05-2018] [30-04-2018]
  • Added python script for test automation [13-12-2017]
  • Initial public release of AIMMSUnitTest