Release Notes

The first public release of AIMMSUnitTest was version, release date December 13, 2017

New Features and Bug Fixes [23-05-2019]
  • Added capability to duplicate existing test suite to allow for testing multiple scenarios of the same test suite
  • Added capability to use different names for results files
  • Added capability to merge results stored in a results file into the current results [16-05-2019]
  • aimmsunit::CompareEqual could return false when either argument contained inactive data [14-05-2019]
  • Added support for release notes [28-04-2018]
  • Added NoSave option to library to prevent loading cases from destroying internal state of AIMMSUnitTest library [13-09-2018]
  • Added support for VC2017 [01-08-2018]
  • Used improved annotation support of AIMMS [04-07-2018]
  • Testrunner did not return any value [01-05-2018]
  • Fixed fetching AIMMS executable in automation script
  • Added relative comparison to aimmsunit::CompareEqual [30-04-2018]
  • Added python script for test automation [13-12-2017]
  • Initial public release of AIMMSUnitTest

Last Updated: October, 2019