Install UI Request manager

The request manager is a dialog page with name gss_request_manager. Please ensure that the slug of that page is gss_request_manager by closing AIMMS, and checking the webui.json file.

The request manager is a custom dialogpage one row, eight columns.

The layout consist of one row, two columns, relative size left 1fr, right 3fr.

On the left pane there are two widgets:

  1. A scalar widget, named scalarGSSSessionSelection, to make selections of the sessions shown.

  2. A download widget, named downloadGSSSessionLog, permitting to download the AIMMS session log of that session (only available on AIMMS PRO on Prem).

On the pane to the right, there is only a table widget, named tableGSSSelectedSessions

In the below, the details of each widget is presented.

The scalar widget scalarGSSSessionSelection

The contents of this widget are:

  • gss::ep_listSessionsSince

  • gss::bp_allUsers

  • gss::bp_allModels

  • gss::bp_allVersions

The download widget downloadGSSSessionLog

The action of this widget is the procedure gss::pr_downloadSessionLog.

The visibility is controlled by the parameter gss::bp_downloadSessionLogFile

The title is the literal string “Session log of selected session”.

The table widget tableGSSSelectedSessions

The contents of this widget are:

  • gss::sp_application

  • gss::sp_createTime

  • gss::sp_userEnv

  • gss::sp_userName

  • gss::p_currentStatus

  • gss::sp_currentStatus

  • gss::bp_gotResults

  • gss::bp_mark

The Identifier Settings

Set the display domain of each of the above identifiers to 1, except p_currentStatus, set this to 0.


Set the decimal places to 0, and the title to gss::sp_titleRequestManager.

Widget Extensions

Widget actions: gss::sp_widgetActionsRequestManager

Item actions: gss::sp_itemActionsRequestManager

Store focus

Link gss::i_sess to gss::ep_selectedSession