This is the legacy PRO API where client libraries for Java/C# are provided by AIMMS. The functionality of this API has been superseded by the AIMMS PRO REST API. This API will be deprecated in the near future.

The AIMMS PRO API allows you to build custom Apps in Java or C# code using the AIMMS PRO platform e.g. submit ‘solve jobs’ from these Apps. Next to AIMMS Windows and Web Apps, this means you can now deploy AIMMS inside Apps, ideal for e.g. closed loop optimization. In addition, the AIMMS PRO API allows you to perform most tasks supported by the AIMMS PRO job request manager. For details, please visit AIMMS PRO API Documentation.

The AIMMS PRO API is tightly coupled with the PRO version. You can download the latest PRO API via the Help – Getting Started menu on the AIMMS PRO Portal.