WebUI Release Notes

All WebUI release notes of AIMMS versions older than AIMMS 24.4 can be found here. From AIMMS 24.4 onwards, the WebUI can be added to your AIMMS project as a repository library from the Library Manager in AIMMS (see here).

WebUI 24.6

WebUI 24.6.1 Release (May 24, 2024).


  • The store focus mechanism has been extended, such that it does not only work when giving cells the focus, but also when clicking on row or column header cells. In that case, only the element parameters of the indices present in the clicked row or column header cell will be updated.

  • The Table widget now allows copying content from a single cell and pasting it onto a block of cells or multiple scattered cells.

  • Now the widget menu button provides the CSS class name ‘has-widget-actions’ when widget actions are available for a widget.

Resolved Issues

  • The Table Filtering dialog displayed the ‘raw’ identifier names, instead of the translated identifier names using ElementTextIdentifier annotations.

WebUI 24.5

WebUI 24.5.2 Release (May 16, 2024).

Resolved Issues

  • When using Primary Page Actions on a page, and when configuring a label for the button, that label would prevent you from interacting with anything in an even wider area around it, also when not hovering the button itself and the label was still invisible. Now, only the button itself will be ‘always on top’.

WebUI 24.5.1 Release (May 15, 2024).


  • The design of and the interaction with the Diagram Widget has been improved to provide better and more consistent feedback while displaying, managing and selecting the nodes, labels and connecting lines.

  • The WebUI library now incorporates information about the customer’s browser language. App developers can leverage this information to deliver language-specific content on the UI. For details, please see the documentation.

  • You can utilize index domain conditions to limit arcs being added from or to specific node types in the Diagram Widget. Previously, when such an arc was added, it remained on the diagram until further interaction. Such arcs are promptly removed from the UI.

Resolved Issues

  • In the previous version, an error was encountered when users clicked on aggregator cells in the table with Store-Focus settings configured. Now, clicking on aggregator cells will effectively clear the store-focus entry from the respective index.

  • We have revised the message displayed on the Combination chart in instances where the chart fails to load all data points.

  • When using the “Upload “.xlsx” action from the Table widget menu in combination with a file format different from .xlsx and.xls, AIMMS would crash. Now only these file formats are enforced.

WebUI 24.4

WebUI 24.4.1 Release (April 25, 2024).


  • If an option in the options editor is derived from a Template, this is now indicated properly with a ‘t’ icon next to it.

  • It is now also possible to use Table filtering on Table widgets that are displayed on a Dialog page.

  • We extended the recently introduced WebUI feature that allows you to show ‘raw’ html in a table cell in WebUI (the documentation) to the filtering. In case a certain cell is shown as html, the text filters (e.g. ‘contains’, ‘starts with’) will exclude any text that is within an html tag. For example, if a certain cell that is shown as html contains the value <span class=”author”>Hemingway</span>, the cell will not match when specifying a ‘contains’ filter with search string “author”. In other words, it will only search in the actual displayed text that is a part of the html fragment.