Customizing the Progress Window

Customizing the progress window

When you are using the GMP library to implement a customized algorithm for a particular problem or problem class, you can use the procedures in the GMP::ProgressWindow namespace to customize the contents of the AIMMS Progress Window. This allows you to provide customized feedback to the end-user regarding the progress of the overall solution algorithm, or to provide simultaneous progress information about multiple solver session executing in parallel.

Customizing progress

The procedures and functions of the GMP::ProgressWindow namespace are listed in this table. They allow you to modify every aspect of the solver part of the AIMMS progress window.

Table 48 : GMP::ProgressWindow procedures

DisplaySolver(name[, Category])

DisplayLine(lineNr, title, value[, Category])

DisplayProgramStatus(status[, Category][, lineNo])

DisplaySolverStatus(status[, Category][, lineNo])

FreezeLine(lineNo, totalFreeze[, Category])

UnfreezeLine(lineNo[, Category])


Transfer(Category, solverSession)

Creating a new progress category

When your model executes multiple solver sessions in parallel, you can request AIMMS to create a new progress category to display separate solver progress for each solver session in a separate area of the progress window. Using the function GMP::Instance::CreateProgressCategory, you can create a new progress category for a specific mathematical program instance that will subsequently be used to display solver progress for all solver sessions associated with that mathematical program instance. Alternatively, you can create a per-session category to display separate solver progress for every single solver session using the function GMP::SolverSession::CreateProgressCategory. The procedure GMP::ProgressWindow::Transfer allows you to share a progress category among several solver sessions. Through the function GMP::ProgressWindow::DeleteCategory you can delete progress categories created by either function.

Freezing category content

Through the functions GMP::ProgressWindow::FreezeLine and GMP::ProgressWindow::UnfreezeLine you can instruct AIMMS to stop and start updating particular areas of the solver progress area associated with the progress category.

Displaying custom content

When you are writing a custom algorithm you can use the progress window to display custom progress information supplied by you using the functions

When your custom algorithm consists of a sequence of solves, you can use these functions, for instance, to display custom progress information for the overall algorithm, possibly in combination with regular progress for the underlying solves in a separate category.

Example of use

An example of the usage of the GMP::ProgressWindow can be found in the AIMMS module containing the GMP Outer Approximation algorithm discussed in A First and Basic Implementation. In this module, the contents of the AIMMS progress window is adapted for the AIMMS Outer Approximation solver.