Synchronization Events

Events for synchronization

To allow for more advanced thread synchronization during parallel solves, AIMMS offers synchronization objects called events, which can be manipulated using the function listed in this table.

Table 42 : GMP::Event procedures





Creating events

Through the function GMP::Event::Create you can create a new event, while the function GMP::Event::Delete deletes existing events. Using the function GMP::Event::Set you can notify AIMMS that an event has occurred. The function GMP::Event::Reset resets the event.

Waiting for events

Events are elements of the predefined set AllGMPEvents, which, along with the set AllSolverSessions, is a subset of the predefined set AllSolverSessionCompletionObjects. As both the functions

expect a subset of the set AllSolverSessionCompletionObjects as their arguments, these functions can be used to wait for both solver session completion and the occurrence of events.

Using events

You can use events, for example, to notify the main thread of execution in your model that you want a new mathematical program instance to be generated and solved asynchronously based on input data provided by a solver callback. AIMMS does not allow asynchronous solves to be started from within a callback itself.