Section Declaration and Attributes

Section declaration and attributes

Section nodes provide depth to the model tree, and offer facilities to store parts of your model in separate source files. A Section node is always a child of the Model node, of another Section node, or of a Module node. The attributes of Section nodes are listed in this table.



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comment string

The Text and Comment attributes

The SourceFile attribute

With the SourceFile attribute you can indicate that the contents of a Section node in your model is linked to the specified source file. As a consequence, AIMMS will read the contents of the Section node from the specified file during compilation of the model. Any modifications to the part of the model contained in such a Section node will also be stored in this source file when you save the model. When you select an existing source file for the SourceFile attribute of a Section node in the Model Explorer (see also The Model Explorer), any previous contents of that section will be lost.

The Property attribute

In the property attribute the NoSave property can be specified. When the property NoSave is set, none of the identifiers declared in the section will be saved in cases.

Section names as identifier subsets

Whenever you add a Section node to the model tree, the name of the Section node (with spaces replaced by underscores), will also be available within your model as an implicit subset of the predeclared set AllIdentifiers. The contents of this subset is fixed, and is defined as the set of all identifiers declared within the subtree corresponding to the Section node. You can use this implicitly created set, for instance, in the EMPTY statement to empty all section identifiers using only a single statement.