Text Reports and Output Listing

Reporting facilities

The AIMMS system has several reporting features to present model results to you or an end-user.

  • The graphical (end-)user interface lets you not only view your model results, but also change input values and run the model interactively. In general, the graphical user interface is the most convenient and direct way to verify model results and view the effect of input changes.

  • A print page allows you to obtain a hard-copy of your graphical model results. It is created in the graphical user interface of AIMMS and can contain the same objects as pages in the end-user interface. Single print pages or reports composed of multiple print pages can be printed either from within the end-user interface or from within the model. Printing pages and the available functions that you can use in your model to initiate printing is discussed in the AIMMS User’s Guide.

  • An text report lets you save your model results in files. It is created as part of your model using PUT and DISPLAY statements. The result can be written to either a file or to a text window in the graphical user interface. Text reports are convenient, for instance, when you need to generate a special format input file for an external program.

  • The listing file lets you view the contents of all constraints and variables of a particular mathematical program in your model just before or after solving it. The listing file is a convenient medium for debugging the precise contents of the constraints in a mathematical program generated on the basis of your model and data.

This chapter

This chapter concentrates on the last two reporting media. It explains how to create and print text reports. More specifically, it discusses the File declaration, as well as the PUT and DISPLAY statements. It also explains how you can optionally create a text report consisting of pages each built up of a header, footer and data area. The remaining part of the chapter will explain the format of the constraint and solution listings generated by AIMMS.