End-user project setup

Setting up an end-user project

A number of options and settings are of particular importance when you want to set up a project in such a manner that it is ready to be used by end-users. You can find these options in the Project-Startup & authorization and the Project-Appearance sections of the Options dialog box. This section discusses the most important options.

Startup procedure

With the startup procedure option you can select a procedure within your model which you want to be executed during the start up of your project. Such a procedure can perform, for instance, all the necessary data initialization for a proper initial display of the end-user GUI automatically, thus preventing your end-users from having to perform such an initialization step themselves.

Startup page

With the startup page option, you can indicate the page which AIMMS will display at start up. It is important to specify a startup page for end-user projects, as all data communication with the model must take place through end- user pages designed by you. Therefore, you should also ensure that every relevant part of your application can be reached through the startup page.

Startup by-pass

In a developer project you can by-pass the startup sequence by holding down the Shift key when you select the project to be opened.

Project title

By default, AIMMS will display the name of the currently loaded project in the title bar of the AIMMS window. Using the project title option you can modify this title, for instance to provide a longer description of your project.