Localization Support


Some items (not all of them) presented in this chapter are related to AIMMS WinUI, which is deprecated. Please refer to AIMMS Product Lifecycle. You may use the WebUI instead, and the Multi-Language Support.

Interface localization

When you are creating an end-user interface around your modeling application, you will most likely create the end-user interface in either your native language or in a common language like English. Which language you choose most probably depends on the intended user group of your application. In the case that you are requested to distribute your application to end-users who are not fluent in the language in which you originally developed the end-user interface, AIMMS offers a localization procedure which automatically separates all static texts used in the end-user interface of your application. This allows you to provide a relatively smooth translation path of your application to the native language(s) of your end-users.

This chapter illustrates how to use the automated localization procedure built into AIMMS, and explains how you can use it to create a foreign version of an end-user application.