Working with selections of identifiers

Case content type

Next to saving the contents all identifiers in a case file, it is also possible to save the data of a selection of identifiers in a case file. Such a selection of identifiers to be saved to a case file is called a case content type. A case content type is a subset of AllIdentifiers.


The set AllCaseFileContentTypes contains all case content types. It is a subset of the predeclared set AllSubsetsOfAllIdentifiers. The set AllCaseFileContentTypes is initialized to contain only the case content type AllIdentifiers. By adding additional subsets of AllIdentifiers, you are allowing your end user to decide which selection of identifiers is to be saved. The predeclared element parameter CurrentCaseFileContentType is used to indicate the case content type selected by the end-user of your application.


You may add the predeclared set CurrentInputs to the set AllCaseContentTypes, which allows an end-user to decide whether to save the data of all identifiers in your model, or just of the collection of current input parameters. This is illustrated in The Save Case File dialog box offering content types where the Save Case File dialog box allows you to select between the case content types AllIdentifiers and CurrentInputs.

The **Save Case File** dialog box offering content types

Fig. 63 The Save Case File dialog box offering content types

Use during case load

When loading a case, all identifiers stored in the case file will be loaded; the current contents of the case content type by which the file is saved will be ignored.

Data not stored

Identifiers in an AIMMS model can have the NoSave property. Identifiers with this property will not be saved in any case file regardless of the current case content type. This property can be set via the attribute forms of the identifiers that can contain data.