INDEX Declaration and Attributes

Direct versus indirect declaration

Every index used in your model must be declared exactly once. You can declare indices indirectly, through the Index attribute of a simple set, or directly using an Index declaration. Note that all previous examples show indirect declaration of indices.

Index declaration

When you choose to declare an index not as an attribute of a set declaration, you can use the Index declaration. The attributes of each single index declaration are given in this table.



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The Text and Comment attribute


comment string

The Text and Comment attribute

The Range attribute

You can assign a default binding with a specific set to directly declared indices by specifying the Range attribute. If you omit this Range attribute, the index has no default binding to a specific set and can only be used in the context of local or implicit index binding. The details of index binding are discussed in Binding Rules.


The following declaration illustrates a direct Index declaration.

Index c {
    Range : Customers;